„Known actor Igor Chmela is the author on an original and mature text, a bitter comedy, skilfully balancing between a tragic, humorous, and magical side of the story. The author views the hospital environment from another angle than we are used to seeing in our cinemas.“

- Board of the Czech Film Fund, which supported our film

Barcarole is the directing debut of Igor Chmela who has also written the script. The movie will become a part of Verze Theatre’s repertoire and travel across the country during the theatre’s permanent tour. This guarantees the film’s success.


We live in a society that promotes the cult of youth, beauty, success, and economic growth. Anything connected to old age and death is pushed away from the center of our attention. This is partially understandable because we don’t want to be confronted with the hardships of growing old and partially silly because sooner or later we are going to have to confront it anyway. The theme is serious although the movie strives for artistic exploration of the levels of tragedy, magic, and grotesque comedy.


Story of a young nurse and her encounter with death. At the beginning of her life, she has to take care of someone who has reached their final destination. The bizarre plot of the film brings us into one dark night in a retirement home where one person dies. Contrasting the serious situation the viewer is confronted with funny, even grotesque human actions around the dead body. For a little moment, the viewer is even taken to the other world accompanied by Venitian gondolier’s song Barcarole.


Screenwriter and director

Igor Chmela is a theatre and movie actor, musician, and photographer. One of the most prominent figures of its generation, he worked in the National Theatre, Dejvické Theatre, and Na Zábradlí Theatre. Together with his wife Jana Janěková jr. and other two strong representatives of their generation - David Prachař and Linda Rybová, he co-founded a popular theatre Verze in 2014. He appeared in movies directed by Věra Chytilová, Robert Sedláček, Petr Zelenka and Bohdan Sláma. He appears on screen in Prima TV in the comedy show Partička and in a TV series Mission. He pursues photography and held a couple of solo exhibitions. He performs as a singer and guitar player in a blues-rock band called Dafne.


The producers of the movie are Kuli Film company led by Radim Procházka, a producer known for his collaborations with Robert Sedláček (Rules of Lies, Long Live the Family!) or popular wildlife documentary Wilder Than Wilderness. And Verze Theatre led by Jana Janěková jr.

Word of the director

„A friend told me a story that happened during his civil service in a retirement house. Two morticians were fighting over a body of a dead retiree… This story inspired the core of the script, a posthumous comedy. A retiree that no one pays attention to during his life dies one day and after his death, two morticians are suddenly fighting over his body… While writing the script, broader topics appeared. Such as postponing aging, dying, and death and how we push them away from our society reigned by economic growth, youth, beauty, and happiness. Furthermore, during the Covid pandemic, I was volunteering in a similar home which left its mark on the script, too.“



Denisa Barešová


Lenka Vlasáková


Jan Kačer


Rostislav Novák


David Prachař

Chládek's wife

Vlasta Peterková

Chládek's son

Ladislav Hampl


Jan Dolanský

Kamil's buddy

Matouš Ruml


David Matásek


Miluše Hradská

We offer

To Sponsors

We will actively promote your company on social media throughout the crowdfunding campaign for 2 months, we will place your logo on promotional materials of the film, and in the credits, you will receive an invitation to the premiere, we can arrange screenings for your employees and business partners. We are happy to discuss individual bonuses such as mentioning your company before every theatre show connected to the Barcarole movie that we will present for a total of 20,000 viewers across Czech and Slovak Theatres; a private concert of Igor Chmela's band Dafne and other possibilities.
Our target group is viewers with high school or university education who enjoy smart theatre mainstream and do not know that there is such an analog mainstream in film, too. They perceive that cinemas mostly present genre films for teenagers and they want to be a part of the cultural scene that theatre represents. We believe that this viewer wants to live in a society that doesn’t overlook the hardships of old age.

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Igor Chmela / ichmela@seznam.cz

Jana Janěková ml. / janekovaml@gmail.com

Radim Procházka / radim@radimprochazka.com